luxurious bespoke events organised by Hubberknuckle

After 16 years of organising events across Europe we are pleased to offer our most Romantic Wedding Parties Plus Birthday & Themed Nights Services, so that we can make your day the most special day, as we will go that extra mile to check all the details for you on your special day so you can stand back and enjoy it. 

It’s our job at Hubberknuckle  to do our very best to find you the best location for your event on the budget you have available.

Our team will be busy at work creating all we have discussed to make your special day, from the welcome drinks to the table layout, to the wine and soft drinks and the type of food and all the timing all will be discussed before so why not get in touch so we can bring our bespoke service to life for you.

Carl Tooney
Event Director

David Charles Prowse MBE Darth Vader in Star Wars

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